Bruins Fans Say “I Do” In Style… Meredith & Dave {June 2, 2012}

Today we share with you the trailer video from last weekend’s wedding. Meredith & Dave were married and then celebrated at The Renaissance Boston Patriot Place Hotel & Spa in Foxboro.

For those who are not aware, a trailer video is a sneak peak of the wedding, lasting 60-90 seconds, that we put online within a week of the wedding. It’s a way for the couple to look back at the day together, while they are on their honeymoon, and relive the key moments.

Besides having us film their wedding, Meredith & Dave ensured a night of packed dance floor-itis by securing DJ Pat Lally of South Shore Entertainment . With Jennifer Leatherwood taking the photos, and Geri Weinstein to join them as man and wife, nothing could go wrong.

Congratulations, Meredith & Dave!!

O Canada! Waterfalls, tall buildings, the Red Sox… and a streaker??

We took a quick trip to Canada last week, mainly to see the Red Sox play in Toronto. It’s a stadium we have always wanted to see in person. But to get to Toronto, we had to go through Niagara Falls (slowly as I turn…) and see some sights along the way.

First up, the beautiful and awe-inspiring falls. One side American, one side Canadian. Both sides amazing.

Top left: American side of Niagara Fall with the Canadian falls in the background.
Top right: Close up of the American falls.
Bottom: The Canadian side, "horse shoe falls".

It’s known that the American side is more “state park” like, and the Canadian side caters to tourists. Yes, we can confirm this with photographic proof…

"I eat tourists." Canadian side for Dinos, mini golf, a ferris wheel and so much more.

Before we took in the Red Sox game, there was a tall building to leap in a single bound. Well, at 147 stories, we decided to take the elevator instead. The CN Tower certainly is a sight to behold.

Afraid of heights? Then skip this part of Toronto! The CN Tower is 147 stories tall. Check out the view of the city from the 114th floor.

And how about those Red Sox? Rogers Stadium is a great ball park. We went to the Tuesday game… and our team lost. We had a couple of wonderful locals sitting next to us. They lived up to the Canadian stereotype of extreme politeness. They apologized to us for booing the Red Sox. The said they were booing the Red Sox with the utmost respect.

Then, all of a sudden, onto the field sprints what they never show on TV. The streaker! He actually kept his sneakers and black speedo on, so he wasn’t a “true” streaker. He had YOLO painted on his chest, although I am pretty sure it doesn’t count as YOLO if you need to get bailed out. Ok, enough idle chit chat- you want photos, right?

Even having bought cheap seats, we still had a fairly good view of the so-called streaker. You'll never see this televised as it happens because the TV stations always agree to not show these kinds of shenanigans, as it would just encourage others. The look Youk is giving the situation is priceless.

It was a whirlwind 3 day trip, chock full of fun. Let us know your favorite major league park, as we like to visit a new park each year.

Thanks for the memories, Capt’n

Sounds like it’s official – our favorite Red Sox catcher, #33 Jason Varitek, will announce his retirement on Thursday.

It’s bittersweet, because we’ll miss him at the games we make it to this season. However, if Varitek knows it’s time to retire, we have to totally respect that.

We just wanted to share a few shots of Varitek we have taken over the years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We’ve been to Camden Yards a few times (Fenway South), and we’ve taken many photos there. We highly suggest the ballpark tour, if you ever get down there.

At a Baltimore game in the dugout. Varitek didn't play in this game, but it was still cool to see him right there with the other players.

Another game at Camden Yards, Cash caught most of this game but Varitek came in near the end.

Varitek coming in for Cash near the end of a Baltimore game.

Tropicana Field in St.Pete is said to have the closest seats to home plate of any MLB field (50 feet). Yeah, we were about that close for this photo.

Varitek at Tropicana Field in St. Pete.

Thanks for all the great memories, Capt’n. Enjoy a well deserved retirement.

So I heard there’s a football game this weekend…

I’ve even heard it’s a pretty important game, a real big deal. One of those “Bowl” football games. Oh, and the New England Patriots are playing. Cool!

All this talk of the New England Patriots reminded me of a wedding Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry filmed a couple of years ago. Trying to explain it in print just won’t do it any justice, so please have a look at this short clip from the wedding of Stephanie and Dan…

I am happy to report, Stefanie and Dan are still happily married. I’m not sure what Dan’s plans are for this weekend, but I do know what Stefanie is doing.

The officiant in this clip is actually the bride’s aunt, Carol Merletti, of Wedding of Your Desire. Carol is a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace who has been performing weddings since being appointed in 2004. She doesn’t just perform ceremonies concerning the Patriots. Out of over 650 weddings, Carol has performed 22 wedding ceremonies at Fenway Park. I also don’t mind sharing a wonderful fact about Carol, she performs ceremonies for any active duty military personnel at no charge.

Be sure to share this post with your favorite Patriots fan (or a Giants fan who you don’t really care for). And click “like” if you’re rooting for the Patriots. I am sure you will agree, Stefanie really captures the true spirit of the upcoming game!