Small Business Spotlight: The Happy Frog in East Bridgewater

We’re starting a new series of posts that will appear through out the year, in between our event blogs. We’ll be showcasing local small businesses that we love. It’s not advertising, and no money changes hands,  just informative blogs posts to let others know about some really great small businesses.

Our first showcased business is The Happy Frog Copy Center in East Bridgewater.

The Invitation Room at The Happy Frog is, well... Inviting!

The Invitation Room at The Happy Frog is, well… Inviting!

We happened upon the Happy Frog one day when we were looking for something a little different, slightly unique but not too expensive. We needed something to help us “stand out” at wedding and bridal shows. We stopped in at The Happy Frog, unannounced, and met the owner and “top frog”, Rose-Marie Culp. We sat down in her side room and brainstormed. You need to understand that we did not yet know Rose-Marie is whiz kid with imagination. We told her what ideas were in our head, and she made them real. She helped us design a professional invitation to hand out to couples at shows that would “wow” anyone and everyone.

The front of our pocket style invitation, from our brain to Rose-Marie's computer, into reality.

The front of our pocket style invitation, from our brain to Rose-Marie’s computer, into reality.

The idea of blogging about great local small businesses came to me when Rose-Marie told me about their newly done over Invitation Room. Realizing that wedding invitations were quickly becoming a paramount part of her business, she decided to completely re-do her consultation area. What came about was a warm and alluring space to let the creative juices flow and overflow.

Welcome! Come in and sit and let's creative something sui generis!

Welcome! Come in and sit and let’s creative something sui generis!

Rose-Marie and her team have albums of standard invitations, but custom design is their speciality. Her design for our invitation is what is drew us in and kept us coming back. Have a look.

The many styles of The Happy Frog, showcasing their panache and pizzazz.

The many styles of The Happy Frog, showcasing their panache and pizzazz. The Happy Frog 


The Happy Frog isn’t just about weddings, nor are they just about invitations. They are a full service copy center, providing such services as high speed copying, full color and business printing, graphic design services, faxing, laminating, shipping and more. They are truly a small business success story, having opened their doors in 2001 with just two copy machines. They now boast 5 copy machines and employ three “tadpoles” to keep up with their ever-growing presence.
So much more than "just" wedding invitations! Check out the cutest little baby shower invitation you could ever hope to recieve!

So much more than “just” wedding invitations! Check out the cutest little baby shower invitation you could ever hope to recieve!

Everything on the shelves at The Happy Frog will catch your eye!

Custom candy car wrappers to match your invitations? At The Happy Frog, you'll get what you dream up!

Custom candy car wrappers to match your invitations? At The Happy Frog, you’ll get what you dream up!

We hope this peek into The Happy Frog has piqued your curiosity enough to encourage you to stop in and say hello. Rose-Marie and her crew can help make your next event, party or business event stand out and be remembered.

Rose-Marie Culp, top frog at The Happy Frog Copy Center.

Rose-Marie Culp, top frog at The Happy Frog Copy Center.

Let Them Eat Cake! {Wedding Cake}

It may seem like a small detail to some, but a wedding without wedding cake would be noticed by all. History tells us that the idea of wedding cake comes from the Roman Empire, when the groom would break bread over the bride’s head to bring good fortune.

There are so many traditions, superstitions and symbolism attached to wedding cakes over the centuries and they have brought us to where we are today. Some cultures said the cake would bring luck, prosperity or even fertility. In some eras, depending on who cut it and who served it, it was said to show the groom’s dominance over the bride. We’ve all seen the modern-day wedding cake where the bride and groom feed each other one bite of cake and then kiss. I think we also all dread any cake in face antics.

Having been to hundreds of weddings over the years, we have seen some beautiful wedding cakes. Some with such painstaking detail, you almost didn’t want to see it eaten. We’ve also seen some of the most unique cake toppers you can imagine.

Allison & Jason showed off the love for their dogs with their Boston Terrier cake topper.

Allison & Jason showed off the love for their dogs with their Boston Terrier cake topper.

Imagine using a topper that has been passed down from generation to generation. What a great tradition!

Old fashioned cake topper

Mark & Meredith kept a family tradition alive with this beauty.

Sometimes a wedding cake topper is there to showcase the couple’s personalities.

Motorcycle cake topper

Dorothy & Kathleen were able to capture a little bit of themselves with their cake topper.

And yet something as simple as a monogram can still be as elegant as any other wedding cake topper.

Monogram cake topper

Tony & Donna’s cake topper got an “A”.

And finally, as far as wedding cake toppers go, classic never goes out of style.

Classic cake topper

Kara & Tony were as cool, calm and collected as their cake topper.

The details on your wedding cake can be eye catching, exquisite, subtle or WOW! It all goes along with you, your theme and your personalities. I loved this autumn themed cake, and the edible details.

Patricia & Ross had an amazing true to life detail wedding cake.

Patricia & Ross had an amazing true to life detail wedding cake.

As many cakes as we have seen, we can still be “wowed” and amazed at the talent, time and craft that must go into achieving the detail like you see here.

Tony & Diana's wedding cake had a "built in" amazingly edible topper.

Tony & Diana’s wedding cake had a “built-in” amazingly edible topper.

Sometimes it’s the cupcake buffet that makes an appearance and surprises everyone’s taste buds.

Stephanie & Dan gave their guests a great surprise by surrounding a smaller cake with cupckaes at their wedding.

Stephanie & Dan gave their guests a great surprise by surrounding a smaller cake with cupcakes at their wedding.

It’s no wonder black and white has always been thought of as elegant.

The wedding cake was a three tiered black and white cake with cascading flowers, prepared by White's Fine Cakes and Pastires.

Debbie & Joe’s wedding cake was a three tiered black and white cake with cascading flowers, prepared by White’s Fine Cakes and Pastires.

Black and white elegance, part deux…

This gorgeous and delicious cake was made by Montillio's Baking Company.

Amy & Steve’s gorgeous and delicious cake was made by Montillio’s Baking Company.

While the traditions of centuries ago dictated a white wedding cake to indicate purity, today’s modern couple gets to have fun with color as they please.

Florence & Steve's cake displays just enough color to stand out.

Florence & Steve’s cake displays just enough color to stand out.

When a wedding cake can become the center of the entire room, it really makes a statement.

Ericka & Mark's wedding cake took center stage with uplighting enhancement.

Ericka & Mark’s wedding cake took center stage with up lighting enhancement.

We’ve seen cakes by the larger and popular bakeries in the area like Montilio’s, White’s and Konditor Meister. When you start you wedding cake search, don’t forget the smaller guys like The Cake Lady and Veronica’s Sweet Cakes. So many delicious choices!

4th Annual Run for the Roses {September 23, 2012}

Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry is quite honored to have been the official photographer for the third year in a row for one of the largest motorcycle runs in Massachusetts. Run for the Roses is an annual event that raises funds and awareness to help prevent domestic violence. Born out of the tragic murders of Rachel and Lillian Rose Entwistle, the annual Run for the Roses has grown to involve thousands of people coming out in support of ending domestic violence.

This year saw over 600 motorcycles participate in the run, all makes and models, all shapes and sizes, all coming together for a one greater cause.

A sea of motorcycles coming together at the Whitman VFW for the annual Run for the Roses motorcycle run.

This run isn’t supported by motorcycles alone. Classic cars line up to join in and become part of this yearly event.

Classic cars of all types come from all over New England to be a part of Run for the Roses.


Lined up and ready to run…

Every car and every motorcycle have something in common… the people who make Run for the Roses the huge success that it has become. People come from all walks of life to this common ground, hoping to make a difference. Check out just a few of the faces who care enough to make this annual motorcycle run a priority in their lives.

The amount of time, food, raffle items, and service donated to make this all come together and happen every year is truly a sight to behold. As always, the event cumulates with a purple balloon release, sending those balloons up to the heavens where the Run for the Roses namesakes reside.

All photos from the Run for the Roses 2012 can be viewed here.
Please visit The Run for the Roses website for information on how you can help fight to end domestic violence.

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo… You can come too, too, too…

Full disclosure: Capron Park Zoo is the first zoo I ever visited as a kid. So of course I was giddy with delight when I found out that Joe and I would be the official photographers for their Passport to Rio fund-raiser. I can also tell you, with no shame, that Capron Park Zoo is by far my favorite zoo. You’re sure to agree that I have visited some truly world-class zoos when I tell you that I have been to Roger Williams Park & Zoo, The Cincinnati Zoo, The National Zoo (Washington, DC), Lowry Park Zoo (Tampa), The Metro Richmond Zoo (Virginia), and even The London Zoo.

The one thing all zoos have in common is they need money stay open. Capron Park Zoo hosted their annual fund-raising gala this past weekend with the theme of Passport to Rio. This event raised over $15,000 for the zoo, and having attended this incredibly fun and well run event, that amount comes as no surprise to me.

Genuine Brazilian music filled the air throughout the entire night, provided by Samba Viva! along with their authentic Samba dancers who engaged the crowd and had every person, old, young and in between, on their feet.

Attleboro’s own Capron Park Zoo’s president, David Spenciner, poses with the Samba Viva dancers at the Passport to Rio event.

Patrons of the zoo had full access to viewing all the animals. The animals really do “come alive” at night. If you didn’t get to see the rare albino alligator currently on loan, you may have missed out, as she is going home to Florida on September 25. Her name is Betty White, and she really is a looker!

This rare albino alligator named Betty White has been on loan to The Capron park Zoo for most of the summer.

The lionesses were enjoying the cool beat of the Brazilian music, not dancing to it, but obviously enjoying it.

The lionesses at The Capron Park Zoo just hanging back and chilling to the Brazilian beat.

The lionesses weren’t dancing to the beat, but the zoo supporters sure were!

No one could resist the allure of Samba Viva as they danced throughout the night and among the crowd.

The many volunteers did such an amazing job transforming The Capron Park Zoo into a night in Rio.

Strolling anywhere in The Capron Park Zoo during the Passport to Rio Gala gave every guest the look, feel and sounds of a night in Brazil.

Guests were treated to authentic Brazilian cuisine, served up by Papgallo as well as other foods and desserts provided by Scorpios and Uno.

So much delicious and authentic food being served up here by Papagallo of Attleboro.

If you missed out on all the fun last weekend, it’s never to late to help this wonderful zoo stay in business. You might ask, what’s the best way I can help? Visit the zoo! Even better, buy a Capron Park Zoo membership. This could very well be the most economical yet personally rewarding way to support The Capron Park Zoo. Membership includes reciprocity to over 125 other zoos and museums, including the Boston Museum of Science.

Visit The Capron Park Zoo’s Facebook page for up to date information on events and happenings, and maybe we’ll see YOU at next year’s Passport fundraising Gala.

To view all the photos taken by Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry at Passport to Rio, click here.

The Capron Park Zoo’s Passport to Rio Fundraising Gala Event was a huge success, raising over $15,000 for the zoo upkeep.

Triangle’s Employability 31st Annual Employee Recognition Celebration

We were honored, enlightened and educated when we photographed the 31st annual employee recognition celebration for Triangle’s Employability at the Putnum Club in Gillette Stadium last week.

Before we share some photos with the event, take a moment to click on the links above, and read what Employability is all about. Located in Braintree, Mass., Employability empowers people with disabilities to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives. They are committed to helping the world recognize that we are all people with ability. Check them out at

The 31st annual employee recognition award went to Lenny Kaplan. Lenny has been working with Employability for over 9 years. One of the many things that was said about Lenny that night: “Lenny’s committment to his job and compassion for his fellow employees is an inspiration to us all.”

Lenny Kaplan (right, holding his award) with Triangle CEO Michael A. Rodrigues.

Employability is about 90% self sustaining by way of the products the manufacture and sell. They do not rely on a single dollar of government support. The other 10% is met by donations and events. There was a fabulous silent auction held at this event. Check out some of the action.

Shhhhh… silent auction bidding in progress!

There were 3 live auction items bid on as well, including an autographed Tom Brady jersey. Bidding was fast and furious for all 3 items. Everything bid on was generously 100% donated.

The live auction saw an autographed Tom Brady jersey go to the highest bidder, as well a Red Sox luxury box and a weekend stay in Rhode Island.

2012 Miss Wheelchair Massachusetts was a guest, and even sang a couple of songs during the evening.

Left: Miss Wheelchair Massachusetts, Patti Panzarino, took time out for an interview.
Right: Lenny Kaplan poses in front of the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium field.

It was a night about accomplishment, infinite possibilities and self confidence. 2009 award recipient Trevor MacLeod spoke about the company he loves, and CEO Michael Rodrigues spoke to the crowd about all the wonderful employees at Triangle.

(left) 2009 award recpient Trevor MacCleod addresses his fellow employees and other guests.
(right) Traingle CEO Michael A. Rodrigues follows up with inspiring words of wisdom.

Employees and guests were treated to a tour of Gillette Stadium, going down through the tunnels, in the locker room, and out onto the field.

On the field and through the tunnels, a tour of Gillette Stadium was a treat for all who took part.

One of the amazing things about our job is that we never know where it will take us, and what we will learn. This night we learned about a local company that affords people of all abilities the chance to shine.

Small business can be BIG!

Being a small business can be tough these days. We’ve all seen local shops in business one day, and then see the dreaded “for rent” sign in their window the next. It’s tough out there for the little guy! (or girl…)

One of the things Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry prides itself on is the work we do for other small businesses. We’ve done really cool videos for companies that sell unique products, like a nail polish remover that keeps the acetone off of your skin, and a company that markets underwater dog physical therapy (aquatherapy for pups!).

We’ve also done some great still photography for companies like Mitetees. Mitetees is a small local business that makes and sells custom onsies and shirts for babies, children and even the pregnant mom.

Aiden doesn't know the orange isn't real. He knows his onesie is cool, though!

We do some of the modeling photography for Mitetees, but some of the photos are just babies who happen to be lucky enough to have received a Mitetees shirt as a gift!

Oh Sophia! You wear it well!

It’s not all t-shirts and babies. We’ve done photo shoots for among other things, a local golf supply company, and a local marinade/sauce company (Georja’s Gourmet Sauces). Not every small business is local, either. The company that makes the personalized lip balms we photographed, Kustom Kissers, is located in Arizona.

On the left, a photo we shoot of Georja's delicious marinade (We can attest to its deliciousness, because she let us keep the bottle...)
On the right, some of Kustom Kisser's personalized lip balms.

Professional photos and videos really can be the difference between making or breaking your small business. Give Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry a call today and find out how we can help your business. It’s probably more affordable than you think, and when it helps your business thrive, it becomes priceless.

Babies, and children and families… Oh my!!!

When you think of getting your family photos done, whether it’s just the new baby all by herself, or the whole family, where are going? For so many people, the first thing that comes to mind is the department store photographer. Let’s look into this and start a discussion.

The history of department store “photographers” was simply to get families into the store to spend some money, and not so much on the photos, but in the store itself. (Surely you have noticed the department store photographer is usually located at the back of the store? That’s not just a coincidence.)

Often it’s assumed that the department store photographer is the “cheap” way out, with the $9.95 come on price. When is the last time you or someone you know left with photos for $9.95? One of our recent clients who made the switch from department store to professional photographer told us they ended up spending over $400, and they were less than thrilled with the photos. All too common, they were hit with the hard sell pitch of “Ohhhhh, how could you say “no” to THIS one? Or THIS one?” And $400 later, they left with an envelope of photos that they didn’t really care for, but were made to feel guilty for not caring for them. Sound familiar?

This would be a good time to show how Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry does it… This photo was taken at their home with a simple portable white background.

Bella, Lilly and Tori... the sisters three!

Another common complaint we have been hearing from moms and dads of very young children is the frustration the child feels being cooped up in the back of the department store, expected to smile on command. That frustration shows through in the photos. Here, little Kyla has run of the Whitman Town Park, which brings out her natural smile in a relaxed way.

Kyla at Whitman Town Park.

I think every family has some of those “department store photographer” photos, and it may do you good to pull them out and compare the lighting, the poses, the background, the color and the composition to some of our photos.

Sophia Elise with her wings.

Consider a professional photo shoot with Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry at our studio in downtown Whitman, at a nearby park or even at your home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing, and you’ll be thrilled with the quality and personal service you get from a professional photographer like Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry.

If you don’t believe us, just ask Maddie…

Maddie and the great pumpkin.