Top 10 Reasons to Have the Photo Studio Come to YOU!

We here at Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry are quite proud that we are successful enough to have a storefront/studio in downtown Whitman. We can photograph you and your family right in our studio, or we can meet you at a local park or other location for an on location shoot. But there are some portrait sessions that simply must to be brought right to your house. A newborn baby session is the perfect example, and little Lainey is here to tell you her top 10 reasons she is glad that Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry came to her house recently for her portrait session.

#10: You can just stretch out and make yourself at home, well, because you ARE at home.

This little piggy went to the market.

#9: You can keep daddy close by for a reassuring snuggle.

Lainey is the official apple of her daddy’s eye.

#8: If the baby kicks and your wedding rings go flying, at least you know they’re SOMEWHERE in your own house.

Some bling for the feet.

#7: If you happen to have a pup, he might make a cameo appearance into the shot at any time, and that’s ok!

Zdeno walks into the shot, and makes it even better.

#6: You’re more likely to get an awesome candid shot like this:

Mom says “What is it, Lainey?” and Lainey “I dunno. I’m just hanging around…”

#5: If it all just gets to be too much, you can let it out and cry. No one will “shhhhhhhh” you.

Enough is enough. Lainey says so.

#4: You never know, you’re photographer might sneak in a personal photo of something special from your house.

Love4Bub (Hey, how’d he get that picture??)

#3: Bare feet aren’t just ok, they’re encouraged!

Nothing sweeter than babies bare feet.

#2: You can change your outfit as many times as you like, including into clothes that represent MiteTees personalized shirts and Angel Cake Tutus.

MiteTees provided the shirt, Angel Cake Tutus provided the tutu, and Casey & Chuck provided the baby.

And the #1 reason to have the photography studio come to you… cause baby, when it’s time to nap, it’s time to nap. And nobody tells you “no”!

Little baby + big yawn = good night!

One comment on “Top 10 Reasons to Have the Photo Studio Come to YOU!

  1. Casey says:

    This is awesome! We loved having you come to our house to do the shoot…especially since Mom was a little bit frazzled, and somebody needed a little snack break during all the action!! As always, love the photos, we’ll treasure them forever.

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