Bruins Fans Say “I Do” In Style… Meredith & Dave {June 2, 2012}

Today we share with you the trailer video from last weekend’s wedding. Meredith & Dave were married and then celebrated at The Renaissance Boston Patriot Place Hotel & Spa in Foxboro.

For those who are not aware, a trailer video is a sneak peak of the wedding, lasting 60-90 seconds, that we put online within a week of the wedding. It’s a way for the couple to look back at the day together, while they are on their honeymoon, and relive the key moments.

Besides having us film their wedding, Meredith & Dave ensured a night of packed dance floor-itis by securing DJ Pat Lally of South Shore Entertainment . With Jennifer Leatherwood taking the photos, and Geri Weinstein to join them as man and wife, nothing could go wrong.

Congratulations, Meredith & Dave!!

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