How important is a professional wedding video?

Survey says: less than 30% of couples hire a professional wedding videographer. The reasons are endless as to why people are against having a professional wedding video. Before the wedding:
We can’t afford it. (That’s usually an automatic assumption in most cases.)
We’ll just have a friend tape the important parts. (Isn’t the whole day important?)
We’ll never watch it. (Are you sure? Wouldn’t your children would love to watch it someday? Your grandchildren…)
Ugh! Those bright lights!! (Not when you hire Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry.)
Videographers? They are so obtrusive! (see above…)

And after the wedding:
I wish I could remember your brother’s speech! It brought everyone to tears!
My dad was CRYING during our dance? I didn’t notice!
I can’t believe gramma got out of her wheelchair and danced! I wish I could see that again!
I missed WHAT during the cocktail hour? No way! I wish I could have seen THAT!
Wow, who knows when everyone will be together like that again!

The one and only thing Marge Simpson went back into a burning house for? Yup. Her wedding video.

Ask someone who had a professional videographer film their wedding why they had it done, and what it means to them now.
Take 2 minutes to watch this video we put together that brings it all together, and truly showcases why a professional wedding video will become such an important part of your family history. We made this video a few years ago, yet the message is still as strong as ever. Share this post with your engaged friends, and let them know why those who are on the fence about having their wedding filmed should give us a call to find out more.

The Hard Rock Cafe Boston + a Bon Jovi tribute band + raising $$ for a very important cause = this blog post

We have a friend who fronts a local Bon Jovi tribute band. Joe and I have been meaning to catch their show for quite some time now. The last time we almost made it, I had tickets the same night for Weird Al at the Zeiterion Theater. Having finally caught Living on a Bad Name‘s show last Friday night, I now believe Weird Al would have been ok with me missing his show.

Part of the reason we made this particular show was that it was a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes. Juvenile diabetes (also known as Type 1 Diabetes) is a real nasty malady. While it can strike at any age, the onset is more common to occur in childhood. When Type 1 Diabetes strikes, your pancreas no longer produces insulin. Ever. You are now dependant on daily insulin injections, monitoring your blood sugar 4-6 times per day, and regulating your carbohydrate intake and any energy you exert.

Day Tripper Entertainment hosted the show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston with a showcase of entertainers that included Dennis Stephen of The Lennon Show, Mike Slater as Elvis, Sharon DiFronzo‘s Pat Benatar tribute, and Living on a Bad Name. Every act was on their game, ready, willing able to give their all to help raise some money for JDRF.

We were thrilled to join in the fun and capture Living on a Bad Name in action.

View of Living on a Bad Name from the back of the stage at Hard Rock Cafe, Boston.

I think those who were seeing Living on a Bad Name for the first time were blown away by their amazingly accurate and flattering tribute to Bon Jovi. Once you get past Ken Pittman being about a half-foot taller than Jon Bon Jovi, and you ignore that Ken is left-handed, you are in total Bon Jovi dreamland. I bet Ken even takes Advil for his aches and pains.

Check out our montage of the action, and mark your calendars for Living on a Bad Name’s next show.

A montage of the many faces of Living on a Bad Name, the ultimate Bon Jovi tribute band.

The band is made up of Ken Pittman on lead vocals, his son, Keith Pittman on drums, Ethan Brosh on guitar, John Miker on bass and Scott Poole on the all important (for a true Bon Jovi sound) keyboards. Check them out on FaceBook, become a fan, and catch their show.

O Canada! Waterfalls, tall buildings, the Red Sox… and a streaker??

We took a quick trip to Canada last week, mainly to see the Red Sox play in Toronto. It’s a stadium we have always wanted to see in person. But to get to Toronto, we had to go through Niagara Falls (slowly as I turn…) and see some sights along the way.

First up, the beautiful and awe-inspiring falls. One side American, one side Canadian. Both sides amazing.

Top left: American side of Niagara Fall with the Canadian falls in the background.
Top right: Close up of the American falls.
Bottom: The Canadian side, "horse shoe falls".

It’s known that the American side is more “state park” like, and the Canadian side caters to tourists. Yes, we can confirm this with photographic proof…

"I eat tourists." Canadian side for Dinos, mini golf, a ferris wheel and so much more.

Before we took in the Red Sox game, there was a tall building to leap in a single bound. Well, at 147 stories, we decided to take the elevator instead. The CN Tower certainly is a sight to behold.

Afraid of heights? Then skip this part of Toronto! The CN Tower is 147 stories tall. Check out the view of the city from the 114th floor.

And how about those Red Sox? Rogers Stadium is a great ball park. We went to the Tuesday game… and our team lost. We had a couple of wonderful locals sitting next to us. They lived up to the Canadian stereotype of extreme politeness. They apologized to us for booing the Red Sox. The said they were booing the Red Sox with the utmost respect.

Then, all of a sudden, onto the field sprints what they never show on TV. The streaker! He actually kept his sneakers and black speedo on, so he wasn’t a “true” streaker. He had YOLO painted on his chest, although I am pretty sure it doesn’t count as YOLO if you need to get bailed out. Ok, enough idle chit chat- you want photos, right?

Even having bought cheap seats, we still had a fairly good view of the so-called streaker. You'll never see this televised as it happens because the TV stations always agree to not show these kinds of shenanigans, as it would just encourage others. The look Youk is giving the situation is priceless.

It was a whirlwind 3 day trip, chock full of fun. Let us know your favorite major league park, as we like to visit a new park each year.

Ericka & Mark: A Quincy Wedding {March 31, 2012}

They say the first wedding of the season sets the tone for the year. Let’s hope that’s true, because Ericka & Mark’s wedding last Saturday was one to aspire to for the rest of the season. Imagine, the day started off with the threat of snow, but before anyone could even think of worrying, Mr. Golden Sun made his presence known, seen and felt.

The bride got ready at the Quincy Marriott, and as you can see by some of the getting ready photos, the day was getting off to a smashing start.

Ericka at The Quincy Marriott, looking absolutely lovely, in both color and in black and white.

Natural light is the professional photographer’s best friend. Here, mixed with the white of Ericka’s dress, and the red tones of the carpet, it all comes together perfectly.

The bride looking out a window, as the natural light billows in.

A few more pre-ceremony shots, some with the girls, and a moment with mom. Then, a toast! Down at Kilroy’s Irish Pub, there’s nothing better than an Irish toast to love, life and happiness!

A shot with the girls, a moment with mom... and then another "shot" with the girls!

Onward, time to get to the ceremony, which was held at The Neighborhood Club in Quincy. One last shot of the beautiful bride, and the first shot of the nervous groom, side by side.

The bride, just before leaving to go to the ceremony, and the groom, waiting patiently. Because... the waiting is the hardest part.

Her chariot arrives...

The ceremony, simple and sweet, was held at The Neighborhood Club.

The couple said "I do" as family and friends watched on at The Neighborhood Club.

A toast to the new Mr. & Mrs. Luggelle.

A toast to the happy couple.

The weather did cooperate for some outdoor photos, and those flowers are simply eye-popping!

A few of the outdoor photos.

Details and dancing are what’s up next. Entertainment and lighting were superbly provided by Entertainment Specialists. The uplighting certainly added an air of elegance to the reception. And as for dancing, there is no better photo than one of the couple’s first dance where their guests are watching and smiling in the background with such obvious love for the couple on their faces.

Elegant uplighting, beautiful flowers, and a most perfect wedding cake help set the mood.

We could have danced all night...

And one last shot from the end of the night…

A moment alone before a lifetime together.

It was a pleasure and an honor to photograph Ericka and Mark’s wedding. Thanks to both of them, and to their families and friends for helping to make my job fun, easy, and enjoyable.