Back to Maine (to try out the new camera)

Having just bought a new camera (Nikon D700), we had to give it a work out before our first wedding of the season. We’ll be at The Quincy Marriott and The Neighborhood Club in Quincy this coming weekend photographing Ericka and Mark’s wedding, and you can be sure there will be a blog post dedicated to their wedding.

In the meantime, we returned to some of our favorite spots, and we found some new ones, as well. You’ve certainly heard us rave about The Union Bluff in York, Maine (which is where we stayed on this jaunt). Check out this 30 second exposure, taken from our balcony at The Meeting House section of Union Bluff. It overlooks the motel section and the main building.

Image taken from the balcony of the Meeting House at Union Bluff, York, Maine.

You can imagine and you can assume (and you’d be correct)… we visited some lighthouses on this short trip. This one (these two) are new to us. It’s called Twin Lights of Thatcher Island. Here is a shot of one of the twins standing on its own:

One of the "Twin Lights" on Thatcher Island in Rockport, Mass.

And of course, you need to see the twins side by side:

The Twin Lights at Thatcher Island, Cape Ann (Rockport, Mass)

No drive to Maine would not be complete without a new shot of Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth…

Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, in all it's glory.

What’s that, you say? You’d love to see Nubble Light at dawn? Joe heard you. He got up real early. He drove over to Nubble Light at 6:00am. And here is the shot he got… just for you.

Nubble Light at dawn.

We all know with dawn comes the sunrise…

The sun rises by Nubble Light.

Of all the pictures we took the past few days, we’ll end with yet another “new to us” lighthouse. It’s called Boon Island Lighthouse, off of York, Maine. It’s about 6 miles out in the ocean, but catching the image at just the right moment in time makes it clear to anyone who views it that they are looking at a lighthouse.

Boon Island Lighthouse, off York, Maine.

Please take a moment, and let us know which image you like best, and why. We take pride in all our photos, but we love the feedback from our fans!

Small business can be BIG!

Being a small business can be tough these days. We’ve all seen local shops in business one day, and then see the dreaded “for rent” sign in their window the next. It’s tough out there for the little guy! (or girl…)

One of the things Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry prides itself on is the work we do for other small businesses. We’ve done really cool videos for companies that sell unique products, like a nail polish remover that keeps the acetone off of your skin, and a company that markets underwater dog physical therapy (aquatherapy for pups!).

We’ve also done some great still photography for companies like Mitetees. Mitetees is a small local business that makes and sells custom onsies and shirts for babies, children and even the pregnant mom.

Aiden doesn't know the orange isn't real. He knows his onesie is cool, though!

We do some of the modeling photography for Mitetees, but some of the photos are just babies who happen to be lucky enough to have received a Mitetees shirt as a gift!

Oh Sophia! You wear it well!

It’s not all t-shirts and babies. We’ve done photo shoots for among other things, a local golf supply company, and a local marinade/sauce company (Georja’s Gourmet Sauces). Not every small business is local, either. The company that makes the personalized lip balms we photographed, Kustom Kissers, is located in Arizona.

On the left, a photo we shoot of Georja's delicious marinade (We can attest to its deliciousness, because she let us keep the bottle...)
On the right, some of Kustom Kisser's personalized lip balms.

Professional photos and videos really can be the difference between making or breaking your small business. Give Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry a call today and find out how we can help your business. It’s probably more affordable than you think, and when it helps your business thrive, it becomes priceless.

Please, have a seat!

One of the later aspects of wedding planning is a seating plan for the guests at the reception. People can sometimes get quite creative when it comes to showing their guest where to sit. We’ve all seen the pretty little place cards, directing people to their table number, such as these little bow tied cards.

Pretty little table cards with a small formal flair.

At Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry, we’ve taken the “where to sit” to a whole new level by offering our custom seating charts. They are custom-made for each client, and limited only by your imagination. We don’t use templates, and that makes them like snowflakes. (No two are alike!)

Donna and Tony chose one of the photos from their beach engagement photos as the background for their seating chart.

The photo we use can be one we took if we did your engagement session, or it can be a photo that you provide. (Photos from other professional photographers must have a print release from the photographer to be used). We’ve done both horizontal and vertical, and our size choices are 16X20, 20X30 and 24X36. You can have your seating chart made as a print that you can frame, or we can have it mounted onto a foam core backing for you.

Check out the guest list from our “prototype” seating chart. We only attended this wedding in our head.

Our prototype seating chart with a fabulous guest list.

We have a few of these charts at our studio in downtown Whitman, so if you are in the area and want to see what they look like in person, stop by. Check out a few examples and pricing of our custom seating charts, and let us know what you think of them.

Hop on over!!

Those who read this blog and live nearby are quite aware that this winter has pretty much been the winter that wasn’t. I don’t hear too many complaints about that!

As I write this post, spring is officially 15 days away! The spring equinox is right around the corner!

What does this mean for Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry? It means the wedding season will be in full swing before we know it. It also means lots of outdoor portrait sessions, and lots of happy clients!

On those happy notes, we leave you with a photo we took during a family portrait session this past weekend. This one captures the spirit of spring, and will put a smile on the face of all who see it.

Kaylee and Emily hamming it up with the bunny ears in our studio this past weekend.