It all starts with the engagement photos…

Once you start searching for your wedding photographer, a good place to begin is with engagement photos. An engagement session need not be a formal, frilly, over dressed session. Today’s engagement photo sessions are known to be more laid back, capturing the “real” couple. Gone are the days of the couple simply smiling into the camera, with nothing but their faces taking up the entire frame. Here to stay are photos that jump right off the page with awe-inspiring color and dimension.

Kara and Tony's engagement photos were taken all around Hull, this one right on Nantasket Beach.

Bringing your photographer to a favorite place and just “being yourself” is a great way to start to get to know your wedding photographer, and for the photographer to really get to know your personalities. Sarah and Donn brought us to the Arnold Arboretum for their photos.

Sarah and Donn choose the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain to make their photos come to life.

Sometimes black and white can tell the story just as well as color, as seen in these photos, first showcasing Danielle and Mike at the Quincy Quarries, and the Tony and Donna at White Horse Beach.

Danielle and Mike sharing a smooch at the Quincy Quarries.

Even in a silhouette, their smiles shine through…

Tony and Donna at White Horse Beach in Plymouth, Mass.

A location as seemingly simple at Whitman Town Park can bring a whole new perspective to your photos.

Harla and Mike, with Whitman Town Park in the background.

Shawna and Sterling had the Public Gardens in mind for their engagement photos…

The Public Gardens always make for an amazing backdrop, as with Shawna and Sterling.

Give Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry a call to set up a meeting at our studio to discuss your wedding photography. We’d love to hear about your ideas for engagement photos. Some posed, some candid, and somewhere in between make for a great mix of shots to choose from. We’ll end with Mark and Meredith, this photo taken in Boston was Meredith’s favorite…

Mark and Meredith at Faneuil Hall.

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