Thanks for the memories, Capt’n

Sounds like it’s official – our favorite Red Sox catcher, #33 Jason Varitek, will announce his retirement on Thursday.

It’s bittersweet, because we’ll miss him at the games we make it to this season. However, if Varitek knows it’s time to retire, we have to totally respect that.

We just wanted to share a few shots of Varitek we have taken over the years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We’ve been to Camden Yards a few times (Fenway South), and we’ve taken many photos there. We highly suggest the ballpark tour, if you ever get down there.

At a Baltimore game in the dugout. Varitek didn't play in this game, but it was still cool to see him right there with the other players.

Another game at Camden Yards, Cash caught most of this game but Varitek came in near the end.

Varitek coming in for Cash near the end of a Baltimore game.

Tropicana Field in St.Pete is said to have the closest seats to home plate of any MLB field (50 feet). Yeah, we were about that close for this photo.

Varitek at Tropicana Field in St. Pete.

Thanks for all the great memories, Capt’n. Enjoy a well deserved retirement.

Babies, and children and families… Oh my!!!

When you think of getting your family photos done, whether it’s just the new baby all by herself, or the whole family, where are going? For so many people, the first thing that comes to mind is the department store photographer. Let’s look into this and start a discussion.

The history of department store “photographers” was simply to get families into the store to spend some money, and not so much on the photos, but in the store itself. (Surely you have noticed the department store photographer is usually located at the back of the store? That’s not just a coincidence.)

Often it’s assumed that the department store photographer is the “cheap” way out, with the $9.95 come on price. When is the last time you or someone you know left with photos for $9.95? One of our recent clients who made the switch from department store to professional photographer told us they ended up spending over $400, and they were less than thrilled with the photos. All too common, they were hit with the hard sell pitch of “Ohhhhh, how could you say “no” to THIS one? Or THIS one?” And $400 later, they left with an envelope of photos that they didn’t really care for, but were made to feel guilty for not caring for them. Sound familiar?

This would be a good time to show how Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry does it… This photo was taken at their home with a simple portable white background.

Bella, Lilly and Tori... the sisters three!

Another common complaint we have been hearing from moms and dads of very young children is the frustration the child feels being cooped up in the back of the department store, expected to smile on command. That frustration shows through in the photos. Here, little Kyla has run of the Whitman Town Park, which brings out her natural smile in a relaxed way.

Kyla at Whitman Town Park.

I think every family has some of those “department store photographer” photos, and it may do you good to pull them out and compare the lighting, the poses, the background, the color and the composition to some of our photos.

Sophia Elise with her wings.

Consider a professional photo shoot with Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry at our studio in downtown Whitman, at a nearby park or even at your home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing, and you’ll be thrilled with the quality and personal service you get from a professional photographer like Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry.

If you don’t believe us, just ask Maddie…

Maddie and the great pumpkin.

It all starts with the engagement photos…

Once you start searching for your wedding photographer, a good place to begin is with engagement photos. An engagement session need not be a formal, frilly, over dressed session. Today’s engagement photo sessions are known to be more laid back, capturing the “real” couple. Gone are the days of the couple simply smiling into the camera, with nothing but their faces taking up the entire frame. Here to stay are photos that jump right off the page with awe-inspiring color and dimension.

Kara and Tony's engagement photos were taken all around Hull, this one right on Nantasket Beach.

Bringing your photographer to a favorite place and just “being yourself” is a great way to start to get to know your wedding photographer, and for the photographer to really get to know your personalities. Sarah and Donn brought us to the Arnold Arboretum for their photos.

Sarah and Donn choose the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain to make their photos come to life.

Sometimes black and white can tell the story just as well as color, as seen in these photos, first showcasing Danielle and Mike at the Quincy Quarries, and the Tony and Donna at White Horse Beach.

Danielle and Mike sharing a smooch at the Quincy Quarries.

Even in a silhouette, their smiles shine through…

Tony and Donna at White Horse Beach in Plymouth, Mass.

A location as seemingly simple at Whitman Town Park can bring a whole new perspective to your photos.

Harla and Mike, with Whitman Town Park in the background.

Shawna and Sterling had the Public Gardens in mind for their engagement photos…

The Public Gardens always make for an amazing backdrop, as with Shawna and Sterling.

Give Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry a call to set up a meeting at our studio to discuss your wedding photography. We’d love to hear about your ideas for engagement photos. Some posed, some candid, and somewhere in between make for a great mix of shots to choose from. We’ll end with Mark and Meredith, this photo taken in Boston was Meredith’s favorite…

Mark and Meredith at Faneuil Hall.

Plymouth County GOP 3rd Annual Recognition Breakfast

We were asked to photograph the Plymouth County GOP 3rd Annual Recognition Breakfast, held at the Monponsset Inn, and consider it an honor to have been able to capture some very important local political figures.

We got some great shots of Senator Scott Brown, Plymouth Country Sheriff Joe McDonald, State Rep Geoff Diehl, and many of the honorees in attendance. What made the event even more full of life and fun were all the kids that came along with their parents. You might not think that this could be such a family event, but you’d be wrong!

Senator Scott Brown, with a young fan, Emily Diehl.

Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald said a few words, and one of his daughters came up to the podium with him.

Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald, with his daughter at his side.

Senator Scott Brown poses with Emily Diehl and her dad, State Rep. Geoff Diehl.

Senator Scott Brown with Emily Diehl and her dad, State Rep Geoff Diehl.

The special honor of “lifetime achievement award” went to former State Rep. Ned Kirby.

Former State Rep. Ned Kirby accepts a lifetime achievement award.

Thanks to the Plymouth County GOP for asking Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry to capture their very special event.

Have Camera, Will Travel…

When you’re a professional photographer, your camera is your paintbrush, and the world is your canvas. There is a place in New England, a hidden gem, that we want to share with you. It’s a town called York, and it’s in southern Maine. About 90 minutes from Boston, and you have easy access to New Hampshire and Vermont, as well. We try to get to York a few times a year, and when we do, we always stay at The Union Bluff. We don’t have to bring a camera with us everywhere we go, but what fun would that be? Having just returned after a couple of days in York (which included watching a certain ill-fated football game at The Union Bluff Pub), we wanted to share some of the fun and photos.

View of The Union Bluff Hotel from York Beach

If you are wondering why we’d return to the same spot, time after time, take a visit to York and you’ll find your answer pretty quick. Filled with the nicest, friendliest and most “down home” people you’ll ever meet, one visit and you’ll be hooked, too.

York is also home to what is said to be “the most photographed lighthouse in the world”. Cape Neddick Lighthouse, more commonly known as “Nubble Light”, is a beauty to behold. Located down the road from The Union Bluff at Sohier Park, Nubble Light has ample free parking and many views to easily photograph it from many angles.

Cape Neddick Lighthouse, also known as "Nubble Light".

It’s not always rest and relaxation at York Beach. We have been commissioned more than once for family portraits in the area. One of our favorites, little Waverly, was taken about 2 years ago. We hear she has a new baby brother, and is ready for some new family portraits.

Waverly posing on the grassy knoll, to the side of The Union Bluff Hotel, York Beach behind her.

If you’re looking for a quiet getaway, or if you’re not a “jump in the ocean” beach person, visit York off-season. If you like swimming in the ocean, an old-fashioned arcade and bowling alley, and some hustle and bustle”, visit in the summer. You can walk to York Zoo from The Union Bluff via an easy stroll through the quaint downtown area. Back at the hotel, you can see, hear and smell the ocean from your balcony.

The view of York Beach from The Union Bluff Hotel just after sunrise.

If you take the trip to York, or if you have already been, let us know what you think. We’d love to compare notes!

The life of a VHS tape (or “The end of your memories”)

There is a big trend on the horizon, and we have already seen it starting. It’s about converting your VHS tapes onto a DVD format. VHS tapes simply don’t last forever. Most experts estimate they will remain playable for somewhere between 15-25 years, depending on how they are stored.

Imagine your wedding, your parent’s wedding, your kids from baby to grade school and then graduating high school. Now imagine the only audio and video record you have of those memories, gone forever. It happens all too often, and yet it’s so easily avoided. All you need to do is gather all your VHS tapes and bring them in to Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry for conversion to DVD. We do all our work in-house, so you can feel confident knowing your tapes will never have to take the chance of getting lost in the mail. Most of the larger companies, like CVS and Walgreens, do send them out to yet a larger company. Imagine, they charge twice as much, take twice as long, and on top of that, your tapes could potentially be lost.

We are proud to say we have the lowest prices around. The prices go even lower as your quantity of tapes goes up.

We are delivering a wedding video VHS to DVD conversion today that was shot 15 years ago (shot by Photo and Video by Media Concepts!) The bride’s mom and dad have both since passed away, and today she will get to see them come alive once again, reliving her dad walking her down the aisle and seeing her mom dance the night away.

Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry (formerly known as Videography by Media Concepts) also has a very special offer that can’t be beat. If you (or anyone you know) had their wedding filmed by Joe Goldsberry and delivered on VHS, bring it in to our studio at 29 Church St., Whitman, and we will made a DVD copy for you at no charge. There are literally hundreds of weddings, dating back to 1981, filmed by Joe Goldsberry and sitting on shelves in VHS format, just waiting to come to life again on DVD.

We are happy to take orders as small as one VHS tape, to as many as you have. We did an order this past December that included just over 100 VHS tapes. Give us a call at 774-240-1152 if you have any questions about VHS to DVD transfers, and then gather up your tapes.